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as i'm planning on putting together an AR 15 soon, i want to make sure i've got everything straight before i buy the pieces, alright,
1. do model 1 sales uppers include the bolt carrier and charging handle?
2. do stag arms, DPMS, or RRA lowers match model 1 sales uppers well, i've heard that with several lowers the shades are off.
3. is there enough room on a lower rail of a 16" CAR to mount a bipod and a vertical grip, or should i get a 4 rail gas block and mount the bipod on the lower rail of that?
4. can i mount rails on the handguards of model1 sales upper without modification of the handguard?



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    Okay, I have some novice questions about Ar rifles if the experts don't mind.

    Is there any real advantage of having a 16" or 20" heavy barrel over the standard carbine 16" barrel? Need to shoot coyotes out to at least 300 yards.

    Is the M&P 15 all that it is cracked up to be?

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    I'm thinking of buying an AR type rifle but I must admit I'll be venturing into uncharted territory. My extent of modern military assault rifles is the SKS.

    I tend to get lost in the nomenclature of different configurations...What is A1, A2, A3, A4 when referring to diffent models? I see pictures of each and I can't tell the difference.

    I'm thinking I want a flat top so I can alternate scope and peep sight. Any suggestions on barrel length? Stock configuration?

    Any AR gurus out there to guide me in the basics?
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    1) Don't know.

    2) Are you refering to just the finish color? If so, then most likely not .... if you are real particular. "Flat black" will differ by manufacturer and will be noticible, but it may not matter to you.

    3) I'd have to do more research on this one, since all I did was replace the hanguards with a FF quad rail.

    4) Same as #3.
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    1. I beleive you have the option of getting them or not.

    2. The Stag lowers ive used matched perfectly to the uppers, however the uppers were from del-ton, jtdistributing.

    3. Going to be very tight, that is alot of stuff hanging off the rail.

    4. I think you may need to order the handguards for the rails, the offer that option.

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    hope all goes well with your build,...

    im having trouble with the logic of using a bi-pod on a carbine with a 16 barrel

    it might look cool but i dont think it is really nessary.

    im saving for a 24in upper and im geting it with a 2 rail(top&bottom) gas block,. just so i can put the bi-pods on there.

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    i like the smaller handguard of a CAR, i will be using iron sights alot, but i'd also like to have a bipod for steady bench shooting with a scope

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