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Identify 1866 Winchester Yellowboy

hunterpahunterpa Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
edited May 2012 in Ask the Experts
Guys desperately need your help in identifying a musket I just picked up. It looks like a Winchester 66 but the things that don't make sense to me are. The lower tang is teo pieces. A long piece connected to the receiver with an offset at the end where a small piece that has a matching offset overlaps it and the small piece then attaches to the butt stock with a wood screw. Also the side plates do not have a hole through them for a screw to retain the lever, the lever is just held in place with a roll pin under the side plates and doesn't extend through the plates. Also the side plates have a small hole drilled in then at the top center and they slide over small protrusion/studs on the top of the frame. The barrel is rifled and appears to be 44-40. No writing anywhere on the gun other than the serial number on the lower tang behind trigger 117816, which if a true winchester would set manufacture at 1873. I have rons of pictures I can send to anyone willing to help me identify it. Once I identify it I will sell it here on GB.
Any and all assistance will be appreciated.


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