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Is there a difference in Winchester mag wells?

PauperPauper Member Posts: 117 ✭✭
edited May 2012 in Ask the Experts
I'm not a Winchester guy, so color me totally ignorant on this, and I need some input.

I've had several questions related to a Winchester Sporter Synthetic Stock that I have. The question being posed has been "Is this stock for the one piece trigger-guard (floor-plate) or a two piece trigger-guard (floor-plate)". So far, I've had to plead ignorance regarding any answer to this question.

I wasn't actually even aware that there was any difference (if any difference do exists) in the mag well opening outside of the obvious differences related to the action size and cartridge length (i.e. short, standard or magnum). I thought that any hinged floor plate type trigger guard or a non hinged type trigger guard of the proper length would work for a Winchester stock with a mag well opening in the stock.

Right now, I really don't have any idea whether this stock of mine is for the one piece trigger-guard (floor-plate) or a two piece trigger-guard (floor-plate) of even if there actually is a difference.

Could some of you experts on Winchesters give me some input and tell me how I can make a determination about the stock that I have?

Thanks for any help that is forthcoming.


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