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Antique muzzle loader

BlckhrnBlckhrn Member Posts: 5,136
edited December 2005 in Ask the Experts
Anyone ever heard of a company named Masters Range Co. that made muzzle loaders?

Masters Range Company South Bend In


  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3,804
    edited November -1
    Masters Range Company....I went thru everything in the Office....Can not find any referance to the above name...Do You have any further information on this Company...Do You have access to a Gun made by this Company? You might check the Tax Rolls for South Bend and see if they are Listed.....Best.....
  • BlckhrnBlckhrn Member Posts: 5,136
    edited November -1
    Thanks. I haven't seen the gun, my son saw it while at an antique shop. I hope to take a look at it in a couple weeks if it is still there.
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