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I've shot some autos with them before. They were okay. Didn't feel the need to further consider them.

What I'd like to know is this. Those of you that have them, what are your long-term opinions?

I feel that I'm quite proficient with firearms and have been pleased with my shooting.

But....I like to keep an open mind from time to time. [:D]


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    I have a set on my S&W 642 (this is a internal hammer .38) and my Colt CCO .45 ACP. Most of my shooting is done at an outdoor range in the day time and I have to say most of the time past 20 yards you can barely see the dot even with brand new batteries.
    The pros I have noticed it helps you learn to steady your hand you would be surprised no matter how steady a hold you think you have what happens when you push that laser button you can really see things moving around.
    I got mine when CTC was having a awesome special lifetime batteries so I never worry about using up the batteries and every time I email them they send me one or two packs!
    I bought mine for several reasons one its a neat gadget and I am that kind of guy, two intimidation factory after reading about several LEO and personnel instances where that little red dot on a dirtbags chest really makes them think twice, three they are great for teaching people to shoot you train them all the old way but before you load the guy you have them aim then push the button instead of pulling the trigger helps out a bunch they can see where they are aiming and so can you with out wasting lots of ammo and can get them very near 10 ring target with first shot.

    Also helped me learn to shoot my 38 much better with DAO and that heavy trigger takes a lot to keep that little stubbie on target the whole way through the trigger pull.

    That all said it is just cool to go to the range at dusk and dawn or night and put that little red dot on something and blow it away.
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    They are great.....TOYS.
    I love to PLAY with toys. [:D]
    However, I would not rely on them, to save my life.
    Just when you would NEED it, the battery would die, or bulb would burn out.
    Some people get SO upset, when I call them TOYS. [:0]

    I know you did not ask about the LaserMax, but I'm going to include it since I have both the Crimson Trace, and the LaserMax mounted on different handguns. I use them for shooting competition under low light (or flashlight) conditions. Been using the LaserMax for a number of years, used the CT all of last year. For this application, they can't be beat.

    Of the two, for quickest acquisition of the target and accuracy, I like the LaserMax best. A pulsating beam (like on the LaserMax) attracts the eye to it, unlike the steady beam of the CT. Which do you see/will attract your attention first, a dear standing still in the woods, or one on the move?

    Some reasons;
    Being right "under" the barrel, the LaserMax is accurate to "any" distance. The CT is on the "side" of the gun, and once "sighted in" crosses the bullets path at only one place/distance. The farther the target is from that distance, the farther off they are. Of course, not many are going to be shooting at 200 yards with it.

    While not too much of a problem, I have found that your finger "can" get in front of the CT laser. Since your finger needs to be OUT of the trigger guard when moving between shooting positions, when you lay it up along the slide, it "can" cover the laser. Can't cover the LaserMax with your finger.

    Once turned on, the LaserMax stays on, until you turn it off. (which can be good or bad) With the CT you almost need to have a death grip on it to keep it turned on. Well, not a death grip, but I have found that when shooting a course, it goes off a number of times throughout the stage. (because I'm not keeping pressure on the switch) I have a "light" grip. This "can" be an advantage if you don't want it on all the time. It would depend on what you are going to use it for.

    Since this is competition shooting, you DO NOT have to make any kind of determination as to whether or not your going to shoot the target (you ARE going to shoot them) With either brand, the speed of acquiring the target is phenomenal. The accuracy is there too. I can put two rounds center-mass, and one in the head of each target in 2/3 the time of anyone else that puts only the required 2 center-mass.

    On one course, they had a barrel that you had to shoot through, that was setup so that you "had" to go almost prone, to see/shoot through it. I just bent over a little, shined my laser through it, and blasted the targets. Didn't hardly have to break stride doing it.

    One thing to watch out for with the CT, when changing the batteries, you may have to site it in again.

    Like Wagion said, you may be surprised at how UNSTEADY your hand really is. I also agree that they are great for training purposes.
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    Thanks for the info. / replies. I do agree with the "toy" part and what some people think of them.

    Obviously, during the day, they would not be needed. Low-light to no-light, I can see the upside. I have my own opinions in regards to night shooting.

    I'm thinking I've done fine w/o um all these years, so why worry now.

    Also, I'm familiar with LaserMax as well. If I was going to go with auxillary sighting, LM would be my choice.
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    I picked up a set for my Glock 26 a few months ago and like them a lot. I was really impressed on how accurate they are, I use to think they were stupid.

    I am now looking at putting one on my AR. [:D]
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    Over the years I have use and set up several handguns and long guns with a varity of laser sights. They do work well and are a good addition to firearm, especaily a hand gun, BUT like any add on DO NOT DEPEND ON THEM. Learn to shoot well without them. If they are working when you need them GREAT, but be prepared to prevail with out them![^]
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