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Caliber first year 1894 help me Bert

338magnut338magnut Member Posts: 764 ✭✭✭
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Bert: I have a Winchester 1894 ser# 10,000 in 38-55 octagon barrel. When I sent for a Cody letter they told me this ser# was shipped as a 30 WCF round barrel. According to everything I have read up until ser # 14,000 and something being first year production 1894 rifles were either 38-55 or 32-40. If this was actually a first year 30WCF then apparently my rifle has been rebarreled but I kind of doubt it as the rifle has been in the family over 100 yrs. Need your expertise on this one. Thanks for any help. Best Regards Terrill.


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    Old-ColtsOld-Colts Member Posts: 22,697 ✭✭✭
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    According to Robert C. Renneberg's book the first 30WCF was serial number 3,314 and built on May 29, 1895.

    What did the factory letter say about when your gun was shipped? I would think a serial number of about 10,000 would have to be late 1895 or early 1896.

    Many years ago I had a similar thing happen and asked the Research folks to verify the information. Turns out the information I was supplied in the first letter was incorrect and a new letter was generated that matched my Model 1894.

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    Bert H.Bert H. Member Posts: 11,279 ✭✭✭
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    Hello Terrill,

    Where to start....

    OK, the first thing to straighten out... there were not 14,000+ Model 1894s made in the year 1894 (as Madis claims). The real production number was just a mere 1674, all of which were 38-55s or 32-40s. Your rifle is a second year (late) production gun.

    Early in the second year of production (5-29-1895, serial number 3314), Winchester made the first Sporting Rifle in 30 W.C.F. The first Saddle Ring Carbine was serial number 4787, 6-24-1895.

    As for why your particular serial number did not letter properly, that is a question I can not answer (at least not without more information). It is possible that Connie, John, or Jesi made a mistake and gave you information for the wrong serial number. I recommend calling Jesi and having them recheck the ledger. If a mistake was made, they will redo the letter at no additional cost to you.

    In the event that the ledger information is correct for your serial number, does the letter have an "R & R" listed?

    Can you post or send me pictures of both the factory letter and the gun?
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    338magnut338magnut Member Posts: 764 ✭✭✭
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    Thanks to you both for the info. Bert I am a dinosaur on these computers and have no way of sending pictures but am going to take your advice and contact Cody. You are always a big help.
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