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model 1911 worth #2 for babfish

perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,107 ✭✭✭
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Hello Your Remington 1911 could have the sights put back to G.I. configuration even if the front was sodered IF IT WAS SOFT SODER Like used to soder copper pipe. This will melt at lower temp then silver soder and when melted can be brushed from the finish on the slide . Now to the [?] of do you want to do this[?]If you are intent on selling the piece then yes it will bring more money this way However as others have stated if you want to keep it "MY STRONGLY SUGGESTED ACTION" then leave it as is The sights are OLD SCHOOL match sights and this pistol could have very easily been used at the National Matches at CAMP PERRY . Do you know if he ever shot BULLS-EYE matches[?]. I have records of all pistol shooters that ever fired at Camp Perry from 1972-2005 it might be NEAT if you knew when he shot your pistol and what his scores were. Cheers "PRAISE THE HARD-BALL GUN" HARD BALL is the type of pistol you have [^][^][^]

Edit Neal I agree with you on many post however there are a number of old pack-rats collectors like me I have been building Match pistols for many years and I don't throw anything away as far as original parts. It is almost impossible to restore a PRE WW II high polish commercial finish if it is even scratched however if original parkerized sights are removed with a brass punch they can be reinstalled and look correct . I don't try to fake repairs restoration etc but IMHO GI pistols were crudely finished as they came from Remington and other contractors If babefish wants some original sights I will send him some That was all I intended in my post Cheers Karl


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    nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,879 ✭✭✭✭
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    True, but....the original question was about the loss of value, &, frankly, that ship has sailed. Original front OR rear USGI sights haven't been available for many, many years. Any kind of make-shift repairs will be impossible to hide.

    A gun that would have been worth $1,000+ is now worth $500.

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