Husqvarna 1907 .380 Auto

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Its a Husqvarna .380 auto and looks just like a FN 1903 Browning. Its blued with Swede crown grips, 5 inch barrel an a lanyard ring. Has "Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag" on the slide, serial no. 814xx on frame. It is stamped "CAL 380" on the frame and Looks like its an after market stamp and not professional.The gun is in very good shape and been in storage for many years. What more can you tell me about this pistol? Approx worth??


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    The M/07 Husqvarna is a direct copy of the 1903 Browning. Some 88,500 were made for the Swedish Army through 1942 (yours is a late one). The original caliber was 9x20mm Browning Long, but many of these guns were converted to .380ACP for importation to the US once the M/07 was replaced by the Lahti.

    The unfortunate part is that the conversion really kills the collector value. Figure about $200-$225 tops for that pistol.

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