S&W "Lemon Squeezer"

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I inherited a really very nice .32 S&W...not sure of the model number, but it is a break top, five shot, star extractor/ejector, hammerless with a grip safety. I've seen some at various gun shows, all with four inch barrels. The one I have has a 6 1/2" barrel with a solid rib and fixed sights. I think it was purchased in the mid to late 1920's to early 1930's. It has been shot exactly five times, since I also got the original box of ammo purchased with the gun and five rounds are missing. Anyone got any idea what the piece is worth?

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    My Standard Catalog of S&W doesn't list a 6 1/2" barrel, the longest being a 6". A serial number would help identify the model and year of mfg. The values shown in the catalog are $325 for one in excellent condition. Yours would certainly be worth more if in pristine condition.
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