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I'm needing to cut a 300 wsm case, and I cant get the right shell holder into the plate onto the trimmer. I know I have the right shellholder and I'm 99% sure I'm using the right plate, but there's not enough room for the shellholder to fit onto the plate and then attach to the trimmer. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I will try to help you out here, I am asuming you have the most current version of rcbs case trimmer. To trim your cases you use the same case trimmer shellholder as say a 300 win mag case.
    you only need the proper number case holder in the trimmer to hold the case properly, But it must be installed correctly, As you can install the flat case holder two ways, But it will only work one way, so try flipping it around 180 degrees and it should work. By your wording you are trying to use your case holder from the reloading press in conjunction with the trimmer case holder, If this is what you were trying to do this is not how its done. You only need to use the proper number trimmer case holder and it need to be installed the proper way.
    Just because your reloading press takes a #4 shell holder for a pertickler caliber case does not mean your trimmer case shell holder is the same number for the same caliber case.

    If this does not help you out, You can call rcbs toll free at 1-800-533-5000 and they will be glad to help you out.

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