Betwixt and Between - .44 Special/.44 Mag

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Looking for a load. Looking for 800 to 825 fps with a 240 gr bullet, preferably jacketed, out of a 3" barrel. Can find higher and lower velocities but nothing in this range. Any help appreciated.


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    If it were me, I would start with 7.0 grains of Unique in a .44 S & W Special case, using CCI 350 primers and a 240 grain Sierra Hollow Point Jacketed bullet seated at 1.60 OAL. This should give about 750 fps. and work up to 7.5 grains of Unique which would be approaching "Maximum" using the same primer and bullet seated the same. With 7.5 grains, you should be at about 855 fps.

    Even though the starting load is "light" it is a very accurate load. I would think a little experimentation between 7.0 and 7.5 would give the desired result. Generally, the "Factory Loads" for a .44 Special seem to be advertised at about 780 fps which is in the "center" of this recipe. You should be all right in most guns if in good condition even if they are the older ones.......but, BE CAREFUL!

    "Life is FRAGILE!" Handle With Care!
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    I use 11gr of Unique behind a 240gr cast bullet for my 44 MAG (not 44 special) very acc. Load and mild to shoot. [:D][:D]
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