how much is this worth?

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I was cleaning out my deceased grandmothers house when i stumbled open a winchester model 12, 20 guage pump shotgun. It is in pretty decent condition and after I cleaned and oiled it it fired flawlessly. Anybody have an idea of what its worth?


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    Need a much more detailed description, but generally the rule is... CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION.

    12's with unusual options such as premium wood or engraving will always be in demand. Guns in as-new condition will also be high on the list.

    The problem is that so many 12's are out there that with the least amount of use they become shooters. Nice guns, but shooters all the same.

    Values are hard to set. A well used 12 in good mechanical condition can be had for under $200.00. Lesser used guns are worth more, but don't climb in value as much as you might expect. Without a better description that's about the best I can do.

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    Welcome to the forum. I would place it in the $400-$500 range.
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    I'm not an expert on this. However it seem over the past few years that model 12's seem to have dropped in price. I can remember a few years back when the public auction price on these always brought $500 and up. Now when I see them at auction they seem to run in 200-500 range. Maybe the ones on the market for sale today are not as good of quality as what use to come up for sale. This may explain the drop in price. Maybe the market for them is soft right now. If this is true I'm sure it will come around. Maybe someone in the know can tell us. I'm very interested to know.
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    In my part of the country, Nord has it nailed: $175-$250 depending upon condition. The 20 bore would likely bring a bit more than a 12.

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    I've been following the Md 12's on the auction sites for several years now. The key is condition, condition and condition. Most of the plain barrel field models have gone for $400 and up in the 20ga if they are in 85% or better condition. Several key things, barrel length, choke, plain, solid rib, or vent rib, stock grades all make a difference. some people will pay more for a pre-war gun than one made in the 50's or early 60's. Regards Dave
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    The 20 guage model 12 is a fine gun and like Only Winchesters said 400 and up for 85% and up guns. Pre war guns are more desirable and '27 -31 guns marked 2 3/4in with nickle steel barrels bring a sizable [20-30%] premium. Cyl, skeet, Imp cyl, and mod chokes will bring a 10-20% premium over a full choke. Ribs of any kind that are original will bring a good size premium as will checkered premium wood....great little guns
    condition, condition, unmessed with condition is the moto for model 12s
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    Along with condition goes-the stock.
    Is it original in length or has it been cut and pad added?
    Always a "bummer" to see desirable gun, even in super nice condition and the wood has been "chopped".
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    You experts are right on! Only about 20% of Model 12s were made in 20 guage so they shoud bring half again as much as a 12 guage. From the 30's to the 60's recoil pads were really in, and they have ruined many a fine Model 12. And those [email protected]** poly chokes !! my blood pressure is going up just thinking of them. When it comes down to it, although they made 2 million model 12s, finding an unmessed with field 20 in 90% condition is not all that easy. Same goes for the 16 which has jumped fairly well in the last 5 years because it was made on a true 16 guage frame and is almost as light as a 20 guage. Back then guys had lots of places to shoot and game to shoot at so those guns really got a workout.
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