Rossi Puma 454 Casull Rules the lever action world

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This is just for the "Experts(???)" here.

So how many of the "Ask the Experts" have gone out and purchased a Puma 454 Casull after you said it would fall apart and/or would never own a "Spanish?" rifle?

I am still waiting for that mysterious poster who said that they tested several lever actions using 454 loads and they all fell apart. Both Marlin and Winchester. But they never tested the Rossi 92 action. The assumed that if Winchester and Marlin couldn't take it then the Rossi couldn't either. Poor scientific research. They(?) were working on a lever action that would handle the 454 Casull pressures. To look for it on the market soon. Still waiting. Just a bunch of BS. Just some arm chair "Expert".

How many of you "Ask the Experts" are closet owners. It is Okay. You can come out of the closet and proclaim "I own a Puma 454 Casull and proud of it." It will not be held against you.

I do not own one as of yet. Everytime I get the funds together to get one some emergency comes up. I just may have to find one in one of the auctions and see if the seller will do lay-a-way. The gun shops here are asking to much or they only offer 2 months for lay-a-way. The applies to pawn shops too.

Well, gotta go.

Have a happy day!!![:)]

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