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TE and MW measures of barrel...what is it?

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I am looking at a milsurp rifle listing that says "The barrel has TE of 3 and MW of 1 1/2". I am not a firearm newbie (own 30 of 'em) but I don't know what TE or MW are.
Presumably a measure of barrel wear. How is it measured and how would I know good vs. bad?


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    TE stands for throat erosion in the chamber and MW is for muzzle wear, measured with a tool. Over a period of time the numbers will increase, the bore having become larger, due to shooting an enourmous anount of ammunition, eventually leading to a loss in accuracy. I believe the numbers you stated are within the standards for accuracy.
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    Throat Erosion and Muzzle Wear are both measured by gauges created just for determining those measurements. They are available through several commercial suppliers such as Pacific Tool and Gauge.

    These measurements are usually associated with military firearms as specified by codes.

    Good vs Bad are listed in the code specifications which I do not memorize. You could look them up easily or maybe one of the other members will have a reference handy.

    A Comment on Throat Erosion from Scott Duff

    "It has come to my attention from discussions with many M1 Garand owners that a misunderstanding of an acceptable versus an unacceptable Throat Erosion (TE) reading exists. A note of clarification is in order. When discussing serviceability specifications of U.S. Martial Arms, it is best to review the primary source, the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps documents from when the M1 rifle was the issue rifle to front-line troops. I have in my files TB ORD 587 dated 20 December 1954 entitled Field Inspection and Serviceability Standards for Small Arms Material. A chart on page four outlines the serviceability specifications for the M1, M1C, and M1D rifles "To Accompany Troops Overseas." The specification given for "Breech Bore Rejection" is "Over 0.306" or a TE reading of 6 on a gage. No specification is given for muzzle wear. If combat troops in the 1950s were issued rifles with a TE of 6 or under, then the same is good enough for a rifle in my collection. I would not go to the John C. Garand Match at Camp Perry with a rifle with a TE of 6, but for general collecting, in my opinion, it matters little.

    This is also a good time to note that based upon my observations the TE of a new production SA barrel during World War II ran anywhere from approximately 1.0 to 3.5. Pre World War II SA barrels were usually in the 0.0 to 1.0 range. Winchester barrels were generally in the -1.0 to 2.0 range, but I have seen new WRA barrels with higher and lower readings."

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