one cleaning rod for all my guns?

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Where can i get one single piece cleaning rod for all my gun calibers, or will I have to get one for each. Mainly I would like to have a single one that i can use for my .22 .223 and 7mm08 rifles since i use thes most frequently? I saw one the other day that said from .22 cal to .45 cal. Will this work? Thanks


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    a single rod is probably not the best option as it will tend to flex in larger bores, but it will work. Do yourself a favor and get either a Bore Tech or a Dewey. Both are on the net:



    I have both, but prefer the Bore Tech by small margin

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    I bought a solid red cleaning rod that worked fine for all my rifles
    for a while.
    After about a year the red "paint or coating" on the cleaning rod began to flake off in the rifle barrel. Not good! So now I use a plain steel or aluminum cleaning rod that has no paint of finish on it and it works fine.

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    I just purchased an M16 GI cleening kit with a commercial adapter to take different bore brushes etc. No finish to worry about. Have used it on bore sizes from 223 to my SKS 7.62.39 with no issues. Comes in hanadt dandy pouch good for your afternoon outtings in the woods.

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    He Dog's suggestions are spot on. I use the dewey in both 36" and 44".

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    I have a Rig set with breakdown rod that has the adapters and end components for pistols, rifles and shotguns. In shotguns, it does tend to flex and I am careful to prevent bending it. For shotguns, I prefer to use the Tico tool.
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    I use a dewey 44" up to 22-7mm and it works great. The dealer at the show said anything bigger a larger diameter rod would work better. It was hard for me to spent the money for one of these when you compare it to the price of a Wal-Mart kit. But once you use it you will love the way it works.
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    A solid rod is always a better choice than one that is sectioned. The reason I say this is that I have accidentally pushed an oversize brush down the bore and snapped a sectioned rod. There is nothing more frustrating than knowingly having something stuck in a bore.
    midwayusa.com handles a variety of solid cleaning rods.

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