10/22 Conversion Kit Worth It?

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I saw this conversion kit for the first time as I was thumbing through The SportsmansGuide Catalog on-line, and was taken by it. There are so many cool looking but horrible conversion kits on the market for the 10/22 that I am leary of them. Has anyone purchased one of these? If you have, are they as good as they claim or as good as the money you'd spend on it?

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Main\My Documents\My Pictures\10-22 conversion kit.bmp[/img]


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    Why would you want to do that?

    Yes it works.
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    It says "mag. not included". Do you use factory Ruger Mag.?

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    Dumb, dumb, dumb except for the pistol grip that could enhance accuracy.
    Reducing sight radius is a mistake of the first order.
    The anti's can make hay with these toy conversions.
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    I bought one of these "krinker Plinkers" for myself as an X-mas present.

    I love it !!

    It serves no really useful purpose (ie - target, varmit, etc. type shooting), but it's "COOL" to just play around with at the range. Everyone that I'v e let handle it, likes it (maybe not enough to get one of their own).
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    Well, like my father in law said before I married his daughter..."once it comes out of your mouth you can NEVER take it back".

    Well I am glad I could delete my response to this post. After I was successful in viewing his link, I was on the wrong track.

    Now that I THINK I'm on the straight and narrow, I still wouldn't go that route.

    Thanks for letting me eat my words.
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    Looks pretty craptastic to me. I wouldn't do it.

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    I think there would be better things to do w/ your 10/22, and then just buy one of these.



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    Just received my Krinker Plinker kit and it is well made and everything fit nicely. I would say it is a little expensive if you don't have a lot of $'s and there are other things you can do with a 10/22 for less money. The Bullpup stocks run about $90 and there's a MG-42 conversion for about $110. Both are fun gun setups and with a trigger activator on the MG-42 you can simulate full auto for a wild rush.
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    I got a 17 HMR conversion for my 10/22 mag.
    It uses ruger magizines.
    It was very simple to changes barrel, stock. The scope was sighted in
    It shot great, cant wait til squirrel season is apond me. I go for
    head shots.
    But it a tack driver.

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