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Missing screw and more messed up stuff.

bpostbpost Member Posts: 32,657 ✭✭✭✭
edited August 2008 in Ask the Experts
I got a Stevens 62 from the auction side last month, basically to get the scope. It won't feed worth a dang, it has been bubbaized pretty badly. I really need some help.

I took it out of the stock and much to my surprise the rear screw was missing from the gun. Does any one know if this screw goes through the stock into the threads in the action or is it a screw that is in the metal only? It looks to be a number 6 or 8 screw, it may have gone through a spacer of some sort to. The slot for it is oval in the stock, the other screw holding the stock is a socket head.

The magazine well is held in by a screw to the trigger assembly. It looks like the front of the magazine well is broken off. If you have a Stevens 62 can you please see if the magazine well goes up to the chamber area as a feed ramp, mine does not. The magazine on this rifle has a razor sharp front, it cut my finger loading it. There is a 1/8" gap between the front of the magazine and the chamber. I think the missing part of the magazine well is supposed to be there.

If you have an exploded drawing I sure would appreciate you sending it to me at

Any help is deeply appreciated. I don't blame the seller, they did not say the gun was very well used, but I did not ask either. They mailed me a screw but it has nothing to do with this rifle that I can tell.


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