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S&W Mod 16 (K32 Masterpeice) Verification

HFusilierHFusilier Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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Hello, I would like to find out when a revolver that I have was made and what it may be worth. From my research, I believe it to be a S&W Model 16 (K32 Masterpiece) .32 S&W Long Caliber. I cannot tell if the model number "16" is stamped under the yoke as it doesn't appear to be a good stamp from the mfg. The serial number is K 233647. There are other stamps under the yoke that read (7 24 29) followed by a (7) underneath that. Also (7 24 29) is stamped on the opposite end of the yoke that holds the cylinder. My father purchased this revolver and has stated to me that it was from the World War II era, but I would like to find out exactly. My father is no longer available to verify this information.


  • perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
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    Get a factory Letter . This will tell you what you need to verify what you have . For every one dollar you spend to get the letter you get $10.00 return in value when you go to sell it. If it does not have adjustable sights it is NOT a K32 MASTERPIECE
  • Hawk CarseHawk Carse Member Posts: 4,320 ✭✭✭
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    That serial number is from 1955.
    Model numbers were not given until 1957. A collector would call it a "Pre-16" because it is no different from a gun made in or after 1957 and marked with a model number.
    The numbers on and under the yoke are factory fitting numbers to keep matching parts together until the gun was completed, after which they have no meaning.
    The serial number ought to appear on the bottom of the barrel under the extractor rod and on the rear face of the cylinder, also on the back face of the extractor.

    These are scarce and valuable. As perry shooter says, a factory letter for $50 will be well worth it.
  • nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,798 ✭✭✭✭
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  • rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,649 ✭✭✭
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    Quality close-up photos would be best for positive identification and valuation.

    Link below has instructions for posting photos.
  • HFusilierHFusilier Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    Thanks Hawk Carse. This makes sense with what my dad has told me. He always said to me that it was a pre-1960 model. 1955 is even better. Perry Shooter, thanks for the advice on the letter. I will try that avenue as well with the Smith and Wesson website. I will post pictures of the revolver as soon as I can for your future advice. Thanks for the guidelines and your time. Hope to get some more answers when I post the pictures.
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