Guacha shot gun

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Can anyone give me any info on these guns, it my be spelt gaucha. A friend has a 20 and a 24 gauge, i told him i never heard of the name but would cheak with you guys.


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    Shotgun maker Ignacio Ugartechea of Armas Ugartechea:

    Ugartechea is the last of the Big Three of Basque gunmaking from the 1960s that still exists bearing any resemblance to what it was. The Ugartechea company has survived in an unbroken line, but not without overcoming some serious- even life-threatening- difficulties. Today, it is no longer a mass-production company. It is mostly a custom shop, with a small workforce making high-quality guns to order.

    There have been three Ignacio Ugartecheas in the history of the company- founder, son, and grandson. It was founded in Eibar in 1922. The first Ignacio called his company Casa Ugartechea (House of Ugartechea) and set up shop in the Bidebarrieta, the first of serval locations the company occupied as it grew and diversified. After a few years it moved to San August?n Kalea, and finally to Txonta Kalea, No. 26, which it occupies to this day.

    Excerpt taken from Spanish Best by Terry Wieland
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