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How much does the caliber and REfinish on a 1st gen SAA affect value? What about low 5 digit serial # to a higher 6 digit #? I have a choice between a 45 that I think may have been rebarreled and has been refinished w/ a 66xxx # and is tight, and a 32-20 that looks less refinished w/277xxx # and is looser? What should I do?


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    I have a Colt SAA .45 4 3/4 nickel. SA53XXX made about 1981 i believe. This gun was handled carelessly & has many small abrasions on it, a few small scratches are through the plating on lower butt. Appearence wise it looks great. You have to look close to see the imperfections. Someone said a lot of the marks can be polished out. Also, its been fired about a dozen times. I can take pics, but have to figure out hoe to post them. Without pics can you give me a ballpark worth?
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    In my experience the first generation Colt Single Action Army revolvers will bring more if they are all original. One that has been rebarreled will not bring as much, even it is clean and tight, as one that is less but is all original.

    As far as the calibers go, it depends on what you plan to do with it. If you are going to put it in a collection and not shoot it then the 32-20 that is all original would be the way to go. If you plan to shoot it and not worry about collector value then get the .45 Colt. Ammo will be easier to find and cheaper when you do.

    There is a lot of variables when it comes to Colt's revolvers, especially the SAA's.

    Mainly, it boils down to what it is you want from the piece. Good luck and be careful of fakes.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums here in GunBroker.com

    As in anything collectable, the original condition has a ton of clout toward the value. If anything is refinnished, then it is not original at all, versus a lower percentage of the original finnish remaining. The cartrige for which it is chambered is less important, but the 45 is the most desired followed by the 44-40, and 32-20. There are even rare calibers like the 41 and 44 colt, which do not command as much premium as the other 3 listed.

    If it were me, and i was looking for a collectable shooter, I would try to find something that had a factory letter, and that was in all original condition.

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