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anyone ever seen a S&W 22A # 107440 .22lr pistol? Found [email protected] shop,new,not [email protected] s&w,[email protected] G.B.auction,has 5.5" fluted round bull bbl,s/s finish slide/bbl.,hi-vis frt. sight,$280. Possibly a special run?


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    Go with a Browning Buck Mark you be better off, if your buying it for shooting. The 22 A I had gave me problems, the quality didn't compare to my Buck Mark.

    If your thinking of buying because it's collectable, check with the guys on Rimfire Central or S & W collectors forums to get their opinion.
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    There are much better guns in the price range. The Browning mentioned already, Rugers, or what I have, a Beretta NEOS.
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    I can't speak to the particular variation of the 22A described above, but Smith does make a standard version with a hi-viz front sight and a non-fluted bull barrel that costs more than the plain-Jane version.

    On the 22A vs the others, the 22A is still cheaper than most of the others so its not exactly a fair head-to-head comparison. Also, the 22A has two advantages over most of the above:

    a. Easier to take down and clean and

    b. Easy to swap barrels. Since the barrel has a built in sight rail, that means if you get a second barrel its easy to switch an optical (or dot, etc) sight in and out quickly without losing zero, if you like.

    Disadvantages are a little plastic buffer that wears out and needs to be changed every so often (though it only costs pennies).
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    I had the exact gun and was a very good shooter. Also had the Buckmark and the Neos neither shot as well as the Smith. The Buckmark's accuracy was terrible.So much so when I took the target in to my local gunshop , they gave me my money back. Might have been that particular gun I don't know. The Neos was accurate enough but the trigger pull was terrible.If your just plinking I would go with the S&W 22A with a red dot scope... IMHO......Bull
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    If you have large hands you will find that the trigger guard is a little small and the trigger will kind of bite the bottom of your finger. I took some material out of the trigger guard and filed the end of the trigger off aout 3/32 inch. Too much of a hook.
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    thanks,probably goin w/ruger 22/45 hunter
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