Sig 225 grips issue

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I just replaced my plastic grips on my Sig 225 with a set of Sig wood grips. The decocker will not work with the wood grips installed. No prblem with the plastic grips. What do i need to do to fix what must be the issue with the wood Sig grips?

Thnak You [8D]


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    You might have to do some trimming or sanding to get them to clear. Without seeing where it is hitting or binding I cannot be of much more help.
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    Hogue will work with you to fix this problem. Contact them and they will help you trouble shoot the issue. You might put some lipstick on the decoker and then put the grip on and try to move it. This will show where it is hitting. Did you try loosening the grip screws?
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    'Some minor inletting may be required'

    While you're at it, be sure and check clearance for the trigger bar spring under the right grip panel, too.

    I don't know which your pistol is currently equipped with, but if you ever upgrade to SIG's newer style trigger bar spring you'll almost certainly have to inlet this panel a bit. Instead of just a single strand that arcs, it's more V-shaped and has a small coil in the center that adds slightly to the thickness.
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