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While checking out Smith & Wesson's website, I found both the 625 with a 5" barrel and the 625 JM with a 4" barrel. The Jerry Miculek model sounds great but what if any are the real differences? Which model would you guys buy for target shooting and a home defense weapon?

Thanks in advance![:D]


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    Basically the barrel length and grips, and mabe action job. Either one will do for what you want. If you want to shoot any IDPA matches, you need to get the 4in. as the 5in. is not legal.
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    Obviously the 5" barrel is an inch longer.

    The Miculek gun also has special grips, a smooth "speed" trigger, a matte finish, and the letters "JM" on the sideplate. I think the sights are the same.

    I don't know if the Miculek gun has a better action, but gosh. . .you'd certainly hope so!

    DCS is spot on with the caution about the IPDA matches, but being savvy sorts, Smith also makes a 4" version of the Miculek gun for that exact purpose, so this isn't a deal-breaker.

    Which would I buy for home defense? No difference in that application. How thick is your wallet?

    Target shooting? That depends what you mean by "target shooting". If you mean informal plinking or paper punching, no difference. If you mean serious competition, the Miculek gun probably has the edge.

    I believe both guns come with a gold bead front patridge sight. That sight is a little bit better for speed than accuracy, and can be a little hard to get used to. If you don't like it, you can swap it out, since its in an adjustable sight base.
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    Personally I prefer a 5" barrel in an N frame. I have a 610, 625 & a 627 in 5" and they balance better for me. I also prefer the standard grips to the JM grips. I would buy them in a second though if it would help me shoot half as good as he does. Both guns will make you very happy.
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