11-48 binds up

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Know my way around it fairly well, have had it for almost 30 years and fired thousands of round through it without problems.

After a few rounds it binds up and sometimes one of the 2 arms that run from the back of the bolt into the bolt return spring in the butt stock works its way out. Take it apart and get both arms back in where they belong and it works fine for a few rounds, sometimes 3, sometimes 20 or more.

Loads being fired are 1oz of 7 1/2.

Thoughts ideas, comments?


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    Wore out. Time for a new one.
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    Be certain that the forend nut/magazine cap is tight. Also be sure the action spring (in the stock) follower is in good condition and the action tube is clean with a "speck" of oil on it. Be sure that the action tube nut and pin are snug. If it still acts up replace the links.
    I ain't sure what it takes to wear one out; mine has had probably in excess of 30K rounds thru it and it just gets smoother.
    Good luck,
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