Savage Models 219/220

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I have seen mention of the interchangeability of barrels between these two, and a mention of one having a "rifle" firing pin. What is the diameter dirfference of a rifle firing pin and the one for a shotgun?
Would the rifle firing pin indicate a frame for a 219? There is no model marking on the frame of this gun; just on the barrel where it's marked 220.
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    There is a another web site; (savageshooters.com) that has a similar forum panel...ask for a user named "Mad Dog". He is the Savage 220/219 expert. I have two Savage 219's, both of which have 30-30 barrels. One of the guns has a 20 ga barrel and forearm, but the same frame and firing pin works on both the rifle and shotgun barrels.

    I don't think there was a seprate firing pin, just one intermediate pin which worked well for both applications. As far as I know, the firing pin type was never noted on any of the 219/220 frames. Some of the guns were made in a different manufacturing plant, and the serial numbers as well as some cosmetic features were changed during that time.
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    I worked on thesre guns years ago,the rifle pins rre differant.my parts book lists the rile as 219-77 and shotgun as 220-77.I have a couple of these guns but dont want to take them apart to ck difference.still have a few parts fot my own use.tks.hedge[:D]
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