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i bought a para ordnance 45, from an ffl on gb.
excellent service, fast delivery, very good email communication,i really believe he did his best.
when i picked it up from my ffl it would not fire, george, the seller offered an immediate refund, no problem.
however, i had already paid shipping, background check, and transfer fees, and would have to ship back, total $95, i really liked the gun and decided to take it to my very reliable gun smith, it turned out the cost to repair was only $80.
i scanned the gun smith bill, and sent it to the seller, thinking he may refund me.
i haven't heard back.
i chose to have the gun repaired,without consulting the seller, should i even mention problems in my review or is that being petty?
btw, if i sent the broken gun back, i would have left a poor review.



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    He offered you a refund. You chose not to take it, but have it fixed on your own dime. How does that make him a bad guy. Suck it up, s**t happens. Doesn't seem likely that he would have sold you a inoperable pistol, if he had known about it.
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    I would check his past feednack, if there were no similar issues, then I would not mention it. If you find this to be a common problem, then you might mention it in your feedback to warn other buyers, or contact support so they are aware. Sounds like the seller just didn't know.
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    first off looks like you've made the best of the situation already. second you should have asked if he was willing to pay for the repair, some seller are. now for feedback, except for the gun not working it all seems to be A+, whether that problem should effect anything or not is a matter of what he claimed in the listing or if it was something obvious that he should have noted.
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