2 3/4 - 3 1/2"; Versamax?

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I am looking for a new shotgun that can handle 2 3/4 trap loads to the 3 1/2 magnums in semi auto. I have read a lot about the Remington Versamax, but no negative reviews explaining why people are not buying them. What are the concerns over this gun, would you buy it and if not what would you recommend?

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    They had a recall on them, Havent heard anything bad about them since the recall, I think its a neat idea.
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    Well, Remington is kinda of a late player in the field of Super Magnum semi-auto's. Benelli sure got the jump on them, for about the last 10-15 years, as a matter of fact. Couple that with some of the poor design work, and craftsmanship over the last 10 years to boot, and that could be why the shooting public is reluctant on buying Remington products.

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    Everything from 2 3/4 trap loads to 3 1/2 magnums ? One size does not fit all..at least not very well. Good luck on this one.
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