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can someone tell me how to tell the difference between a pre ban and a post ban magazine for a Glock 22 40 S&W? I see pictures of both on the auction side and both claim to be pre ban but look different. One has the rounded top and the other has the square top on magazine. Thanks


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    I believe the only preban magazines are the first generation magazines. They have a semi-circle cutout in the steel magazine liner in the rear of the magazine, near the feed lips. They are not "drop free". I am not 100% sure when the second generation Glocks came out, as it was real close to the September 1994 deadline, as everyone was scrambling to make their smaller guns, around the 10 round magazine limit. The second generation had a trapezoidal cutout.

    If you go over to Marino Firearms, they might be able to show you, perhaps.

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    been there, just one mag in stock, does not know if it is pre ban or not
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    There are several different images available online that show the differences in the Glock magazine generations. I know there are some preban G22 mags available with a square top (and are drop free) because I bought some during the ban. One image I found is available at: http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1153271
    This shows mags for the G17, but the G22 mags have the same styling.
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    There are "pre ban" mags made before the '94 ban. I bought my G-19 about June '93 and it came with two full metal liner, drop free mags.
    The Glock talk link jaym put up shows the best pictures of the Glock mags.
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