whats it worth??

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Poly Tech AK-47 in like new condition, shoots 7.62x39 ammo. Comes with two 30 round clips,sling,Original instruction manual and soft case



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    weatherby mark V 257 W.M. 40-173 40th anniv. 1 of 200


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    I have the exact same rifle. Only with the edition of a weaver v22 scope. The condition is as nice or better than the one in this auction http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=73922695 . Was this a fair selling price? What should I be looking to get for this rifle? Thanks.
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    I have a Colt,Gold Cup, National Match, complete w/ box, all original paperwork, including test target dated jan.3,1966,, this was the first yr of the elliason sights,,, gun is in above average condition and box is in pretty good condition,,, i have owned the weapon for 12yrs and have never fired it,,, can u help me out??


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    Poly Techs have a good reputation as far as Chinese AK's are concerned.

    Yours is a post ban with a thumb hole stock, that has had a pad added, and a aftermarket flash hider attached to barrel. This would have a negative affect on value IMHO. If a collector was in the market for a Poly Tech, post ban, he would want it original not something that was bubbaed.

    Per the photo it's just a post ban shooter grade AK, nothing special. Check out what post ban, (thumb hole stock), shooters are going for on the auction.
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    As rufe pointed out, with the post ban status, and thumbhole stock, you hve a shooter. If it was a milled reciever, it might be a little more, but it is not. You are looking at around $500.00 on a decent day.

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