ruger sr9c

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i would appreciate any comments on the reliability of the ruger sr9c.also will someone tell me if the blackened slide version is stainless?


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    I havent shot the compact, and the slide is stainless according to Ruger. The regular size shot well and I imagine the smaller will too. They have had some problems, but probably worked out by now as most new things have problems when they first come out.
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    My experience is with the sr40c, not the 9, but they're still the same gun. I cannot say enough good things about it. Buy it, You will love it. After break in, reliability will rival a glock or ak47. At least, mine is.
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    I've put a couple thousand rounds through mine, never a hiccup .
    It does throw brass in a random pattern.
    I recently replaced the rear sight with an Ameriglo all black fixed one, giving me a much better sight picture .
    I had the stock trigger bar replaced( by a Ghost factory rep) with a Ghost rocket 3.5 lb., after a half dozen trips to the range I took it out and put the Ruger factory one back in. The original unit actually feels much better to me.
    Some folks are still saying that the SR9c is having "problems" maybe they did at first release, but I've had mine for a year and a half and , so far , it has been excellent.
    Also really like the 10 round carry mag. and the 17 rounder with the grip adapter for high volume shooting.
    I would buy another , maybe a 40 , without hesitation.
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    Is is considered blackened stainless and yes an excellent gun all the way around.
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