Good 1911 platform for 10 MM?

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Is the Colt Delta (a 1911 platform) a good 10MM pistol or are the full power 10MM loads to much for the gun?


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    delta is the best (IMO) for a stock factory gun. only other real option is a glock 20 or a glock 30 something

    but hands down for a 10mm delta ALL THE WAY
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    The radio/tv guy Tom Gresham had last year some varient of a 1911 made up for a 10mm. If I were to get back into autoloader's a 10 would be high on the list.
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    The 1911 platform is not the best for the FULL power 10mm Norma round, without some modifications.

    First off, it needs to be a supported chamber, versus the unsupported type, and it needs to be a very tite lock up, so it does not open prematurely. About the BEST 1911 pistols out there for the 10mm round are the ones made by Wilson, and Fusion. Yes, they are more expensive than the typical name brands you find on store shelves, but they are clearly a cut above the rest.

    Do yourself a favor, and look at Fusion, and Wilson's websites.

    To answer your question about full power 10mm loads...If a strict routine preventative maintenance regimend is not followed with the Delta, or Kimber 10mm's, such s replacing the recoil springs and buffer, about every 500-700 rounds of full house 10mm loads, they will beat themselves to death.


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    quote:The only 2 manufacture of 10mm handguns in production today is EAA and Glock.

    I am sorry, but that is not correct. Colt does have the Delta Elite back on the plate, and Wilson, Fusion, and Dan Wesson all offer 1911 platforms in 10mm. You can also get a 10 mm barrel for the 10 Encore, and contender.

    The Sonny Crockett 10mm was nothing other than the original 10mm...the Bren Ten. Itself was a modified CZ-75/Browning High Power design, that was pretty sturdy, and expensive to produce. There were not many made, and if you can find one in decent shape, they go for about $2500.00 and up.


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    You can get both from Brownell's. They have a stock spring for the government model, which they say is used for the Delta too. It is 16 pounds. I would not hesitate to add 2 or 3 pounds to it. The recoil buffers they have are by Wilson, or at least some of them are.

    They say every 1000 rounds for the buffer, and 2000 for the spring, or when you change the buffer, change the spring. I would not shoot your Delta untill you get a new buffer and spring. That is what caused the problems with the Delta, the frame being battered by the slide. The buffer prevents this.

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    The only 2 manufacture of 10mm handguns in production today is EAA and Glock. Both are proven platforms for the 10mm. I have used both and own the Glock. My 2 cents [8D]
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    What was the Sonny Crocket gun in the Original Miami Vice?
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    tsr1965 I have looked at my Colt Delta, it does not have a buffer that I see, were can I get a replacement? Also what weight recoil spring should I use when I replace? Thanks for your help.
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    quote:Originally posted by SWAT 50
    What was the Sonny Crocket gun in the Original Miami Vice?

    googlee.com my friend

    Sonny Crockett

    Don Johnson aiming a Bren Ten.[1]
    Originally, James "Sonny" Crockett was to use a SIG-Sauer P220 in .45 Auto[1] which is evident in the pilot episode.[3] He also carries a Detonics Pocket 9 as a backup, tucked in his rear waistband near the small of his back. But it was later decided that a more state-of-the-art gun was to be used by Don Johnson.[1] During the first season, he used a Bren Ten pistol carried in a Ted Blocker "Lifeline" shoulder holster rig.[4] Due to Don Johnson's dissatisfaction with the "Lifeline" rig, the * Leather Company (later renamed Galco International)[4] "Original * Rig"[4] shoulder holster rig was personally fitted for him by Rick Gallagher (President of Galco).[4] Finally the Galco "Miami Classic" shoulder holster was designed and used.[4] The Bren Ten, manufactured by Dornaus & Dixon, was a stainless steel handgun notable as the first ever chambered in the powerful 10 mm Auto caliber. The Bren Ten was originally manufactured as a two-tone weapon: the carbon steel slide was black oxide and frame was stainless steel. The model used in Miami Vice had a hard chromed matte finished slide so that it showed up better during night shots. The pistol used in the show was chambered in .45 ACP, as opposed to the standard 10mm Auto. After the Dornaus & Dixon company went out of business in 1986, the product placement contract went to Smith & Wesson.[1][5][6] Starting with the third season, Sonny used a 2nd Generation series Smith & Wesson Model 645.[1] This was a full-sized 5-inch-barreled stainless steel service pistol in .45ACP. Galco Gunleather, formerly * Leather Co., built a "Miami Classic" shoulder holster for the S&W 645 used. In the Galco Gunleather headquarters, there is a large display that contains the Miami Vice shoulder holster rig that Don Johnson wore, accompanied by an autographed photo of him. In late 1988 Smith & Wesson unveiled their new 3rd Generation Series of auto pistols, so for the last season Sonny's Model 645 was replaced with the new Smith & Wesson Model 4506. This pistol had 20+ design improvements including a one piece arched grip. Sonny's M 4506 can be seen in the beginning of the episode "Victim of Circumstance" when he is sitting in a cafe and looking at it.[7] Sonny also carried a .45 ACP Detonics Combat-Master backup gun in an ankle holster on his left leg, replacing the Pocket 9 from the pilot episode. It can be seen in the bar scene shootout in the "Prodigal Son" episodes.[8] In the last series episode "Freefall" Crockett is placing what looks to be a S&W 4513 (compact alloy framed .45ACP) in his ankle holster.[9]
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    quote:Originally posted by gap1916
    The only 2 manufacture of 10mm handguns in production today is EAA and Glock. Both are proven platforms for the 10mm. I have used both and own the Glock. My 2 cents [8D]

    Dan Wesson makes a 10MM also
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    I believe the EAA has a full length rail.
    That should be a precondition for the 10mm's heavy recoil.
    While the Glock doesn't have a full length rail, the wear parts can be replaced without replacing the frame.
    The 1911 is weakest design in my view for this caliber with its' half length rails.
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    ...The EARLY first year (87) production run of Colt Delta Elites had a problem with the slide, fixed with a simple slide cut that was applied to all DE's after the first few months of production, NO more problems.

    A buffer is good for one thing, seperating the shooter from their money. NO need for a buffer that can & will fall apart and be in the slide, in pieces which causes a malfunction, buffers are little more than a cure for a non exsistant problem.

    Proper and correct recoil spring match to round is ALL that needs to be done to insure a perfect operating and long lasting DE.

    10mm rounds can be had in mild to wild, around a 1,000fps to over 1,500fps, touching the ballistics of a 357mag.

    As SHOULD be done with all rounds, match & use the proper pound spring with the round...higher FPS, the higher the spring weight.
    Wolfe Springs sells great spring kits for most any round chosen to shoot.

    If Im not carrying a 45 Commander, Im carrying one of my DE's with all the confidence in the world, else I wouldn't carry it.

    The Colt DE is a great platform for the 10mm, Ive shot thousands of rounds over the years w/o any problem, just match your spring to your round, common knowledge...[;)]
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