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I don't know if this has been asked before but: Are there any circumstances that would lawfully allow an out of state buyer to personally pick up a collection of firearms? For example--if he's a dealer. My wife asked me this question this morning. (I assume she was talking about disposing of my collection after I'm dead--at least I'm hoping that's what she's thinking!)

Or supposing I bought a $25,000 one-of-a-kind gun from a guy in Idaho; is there any way I can lawfully go and get it (maybe accompanied by a local dealer) rather than have it relegated to the tender mercies of UPS?


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    A dealer can buy guns in any & all of the 57 states
    the only exception is that he cannot receive a gun from anyone who is not legally able to possess a firearm.

    A testamentary bequest would permit a nonlicensee in another state to directly receive a firearm, provided he is legally able to receive it in his jurisdiction. Depending upon legalities, he may not be able to get possession for as long as a year.

    A C&R licensee may transfer a C&R firearm directly to a nonlicensed resident of another state, if that person appears before him at his licensed place.

    There is also an exception for those on active duty in the military.


    EDIT: An unlicensed person may obtain a firearm from an out-of-state source only through a licensed dealer in his own state (See ATF P5300.4, p 178, (B3). A C&R licensee can transfer a C&R long gun to an unlicensed person from another state at the licensee's premises (See ATF P5300.11, p 52).
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    An unlicensed individual can purchase and take possession of a long gun from an ffl licensed dealer in any state, assuming it is not unlawful in the state of purchase, unlawful in his state of residence or that he is not a prohibited person. An unlicensed person can only take possession of handguns in his state of residence, or by bequest as Neal mentioned above.

    Edit: Added the above wording to say the out of state unlicensed person can buy from an ffl dealer.

    Question for Neal: In your post above, do you mean a C & R licensee can transfer a C & R firearm to an unlicensed individual (no C & R or dealer ffl) from at the C & R holder's licensed address?
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