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If the description of a pistol includes the phrase: "Straw is 95%", what are they talking about? Thanks in advance.


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    It's a type of metal finishing (I THINK a hardening process) which leaves the part a straw color. So, "Straw is 95%" means that 95% of the straw color remains on that part.

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    Or it could be the thing in the rampant Colt mouth.

    edit Yep it's a spear. However I have heard referance to "he still has the straw in his mouth" when considering if the old Colt was reblued in the distant past and not buffed out. And I never new that corrosion paper was straw too. I agree that usually the straw referance is to part of the finish on toggle tops. Oh and nice chart. thanks

    'the thing' is a SPEAR.
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    Most commonly used as far as collectors are concerned describing certain parts on Luger pistols made between 1900 and the late 30's. The various parts after manufacture are polished to a bright finish. As they are heated to harden the metal surface, color changes occur as the part cools. When the part reaches a yellow "straw" color as it's cools it is deemed the correct temper, and it's quenched in liquid which causes the "straw" color to remain.
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    The first and lowest of the tempering colors.
    It's very fragile so presence and condition of these colors is a statement on little finish wear.
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    I thought a picture would help:




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    Colt once used a "straw" in the barrels of their AR-15's, when shipped from the factory, it was an anti-corrosion twisted paper "straw", they discontinued it due to idiots who just loaded the gun and fired one shot......., a KABOOM was the result.
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    Off topic and my apologies to the OP....

    USN_Airdale: I work in an Army Small Arms Repair Shop. The new barrels still come in that way.
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