Browning BAR 243 boss sweet spot

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I was wondering if any one can tell me where i should start with trying to find the sweet spot on my 243 with a 58 v-max bullet at about 3800fps thanks


  • hoyt shooter 16hoyt shooter 16 Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
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    does anyone have even a idea where to start at
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    Your question is almost impossible to answer. because. #1 does the Boss Work[?]answer Yes but only for one weight of bullet at one velocity with one type of powder. AT A TIME. [:(]. In other words if you shoot a hundred rounds of one lot number of ammo and try many different setting you MAY be able to tune your rifle with you shooting it to get smaller groups .However the very thing that enables the boss to work on this ammo may in fact open up the groups with another brand or even another lot number of the same ammo. IMHO fun to use if you want to burn up a ton of ammo but in the real world not a big deal to the average shooter. YMMV
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    I would think setting the rifle up on a stand and start shooting it until you get the kind of group you want at the distance. When you get it in your hands it should shoot some what the same according to the position shot from.
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