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Sling swivels

furciousfurcious Member Posts: 79 ✭✭
Hi I have a custom stock that has inletted sling studs. I am looking for a set of detechable swivels that fit a .500 wide stud. I tried to put a new set of studs on but the inletting is shorter then the ones I ordered I can't open them up because the screw holes won't match The base measures 1.403 long hole center .825 can any one help me?


  • babunbabun Member Posts: 11,497
    edited November -1
    With a 1/2" wide stud, sounds like you got a version of the old
    German sling swivels.

    Another option is to remove your studs and grind/machine them thinner to accept the more common 3/8" or so regular swivels.
  • asphalt cowboyasphalt cowboy Member Posts: 8,885 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Call NECG to see if their R-316 swivels fit a 1/2" stud.
    That or babun's suggestion of machining the studs for 3/8".
    While I'm loath to suggest it, the screw holes in your stock can be plugged and re-drilled for the different screw spacing. Given it won't be visible, I would weigh value of the stock against desire for 3/8" wide studs.

    Belay that first. It seems the R-316 swivel is for a narrower stud.
  • babunbabun Member Posts: 11,497
    edited November -1
    What you need can be found on the auction side.
    mauser detachable sling swivels
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