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AR-500 Assault Rifle

jwb267jwb267 Member Posts: 19,666 ✭✭✭
edited February 2019 in General Discussion
The AR-500 rifle isn?t for everyone. Unlike the ubiquitous AR-15, recoil, weight and cost per round will limit the weapon?s popularity. That having been said, there are situations where 3,122 foot pounds of force, precisely applied, can make a world of difference.
Introducing the Deadly AR-500 Assault Rifle: The Ultimate Firearm on the Planet?
The AR-500 uses a rimless version of the Smith & Wesson .500 caliber pistol bullet, .500 Auto Max. This allows the bullet to feed from an AR-15-platform rifle. The rounds are thicker yet shorter than 5.56 bullets, resulting in a shorter magazine. The AR-500 uses a partially blocked magazine well with a straight five round magazine.


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