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Undocumented technology hidden on all computer chips?

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2019 in General Discussion
Oh wait I thought only bad guys spy on the innocence but now we know better! Big brother is indeed in charge so you are guilty until proven otherwise. Now, of course, Bill Gates did not know of any of this by omission. Can they spin this as a big mistake on architecture construction only, surely it was not done on purpose, right? The Fourth Amendment is officially dead,folks and has been for a long while. They are saying now it's fixed and could be done only with physical contact with the machine.


Read more:

It?s called VISA and can potentially allow hackers or spies to access the information stored in the computer memory as well as the information generated by ?peripherals? ? the name for computer accessories which could include anything from a webcam to a mouse. The VISA technology was believed to be used to check Intel microchips for flaws, but Positive Technologies suggested it could also be used to ?capture and analyse? data.
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