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My surgery and Mom....

EhlerDaveEhlerDave Member Posts: 5,158 ✭✭
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Okay I had the surgery on my side, it went like Rita and I expected. The Dr put in 3 layers of stitches, a row of staples then super glue over that. About 11PM that night it started to come open, it is turning into a freaking mess.

Now as the nurses were taking me down the hall to the operating room I heard a code blue called on the PA system, the nurses picked up the speed to get me into the room. When I woke enough after surgery to understand who and where I was (I do not wake in a pleasant mood) I was told that code was in the room I had been in, just as I left my Mom had collapsed. (Dad drove us in, Rita is not allowed to drive. Another long story, but it is due to her heart.)

Mom was taken to the ER and they pushed a bunch of fluids into her, seems like a new med she is taking for her heart messed her up. I went home she stayed the night. the next day they checked her and said she has some serious kidney damage, but with her age, 79, and heart problems this was not unusual.

About 1AM Dad called Rita, he had an ambulance on the way, he could not get a blood pressure reading and she is in total kidney failure and after getting to the ER had another heart attack. As it is she has been flown to OKC so they can try to put in a pacemaker, but from talking with Mom and her Cardio Dr it wont help her much, she has a problem that cant be solved so easy. I am now stuck in a bed, can only move to use the rest-room and cant get information from the people who are with her in OKC.

This * is just getting so old, I am worn out, I know Dad and Rita are both far beyond that but how do they get a break, who gives them time to rest. How do you rest when so worried. None of this should be dropped on people all at one time.

To add to the history of heart problems my older brother, 54, is in Wyoming and is not going to last much longer, yeah his heart is just done. Hell even my son is seeing a Cardio Dr and they are looking at putting a pacemaker in him at 29 years old, now for those who do not know, he is not related by blood to me, so what have we done to get this load dumped on us.

I honestly doubt Mom makes it much longer, I have gone to the Dr with her and have heard what her options were, that new med was it, and it is a nasty thing the Dr did not want to use.

All I can do is lay here and pray Mom makes it through this, I cant even go see her............. Just getting so tired, a deep in your soul tired, it is not helping at all....
Just smile and say nothing, let them guess how much you know.


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