My old cat died

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It was the sister of the one that died two years ago. She was at least 16 and huge for a cat. I found her laying by the tomato plants when weeding. I had not seen her since Saturday evening and assume she died in her favorite shade spot Sunday night or Monday. I never really liked cats but this pair changed my mind about them. They were awesome mousers never coming into the house. Strange how barn animals grab your heart....RIP CAT.

I got two sister cats last winter knowing this day was coming. I could tell something was not right Sunday evening when big CAT did not show up at the back door with the other pair.

The younger cats learned from old CAT about getting into the * traps, they never once got trapped going after the food bait. The older now dead cat got caught once, I shook the cage back a forth with her in it. She never got close to that trap again. Not sure how old cats teach young cats not to go in there but they sure do communicate danger somehow.

I am going to miss that old cat rubbing my legs as I worked in the garage or barns.....


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    Sorry for your loss bro...

    My wife is the cat girl. Dogs are my thing.

    Agree that cats will grow on you. They certainly are different creatures.

    RIP old cat.
    "What is truth?'
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    Cats are profoundly different that dogs, being solitary and not social pack animals. Ours are strictly indoors though they have their own screened porch.

    My sympathies to you, ours are more likely family than barn cats, but even those become part of the place.
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    Sorry for your loss, Bruce. Cats have a special place on this earth and in heaven.
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    e had an old momma cat..she finally raised three kittens and we would let her out and she would always be back in less than 10 minutes with a mouse...never failed , like she went out to a slot machine and put coin in and it spit one out....
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    Sorry to hear about your loss of Old Cat.
    What's next?
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