New cell phone.....such a pain in the RUMP!

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I hate when I have to do this, but it was time. I had an older Samsung Galaxy.....I forget which version, I think it was a 4. I've had it for several years. When it was time to get a phone last time they physically connected my phone to transfer all of the contacts and info over to the new phone, which made for multiple contacts for the same person in the new phone. If I had the phone number, email, and such it made a new contact for both......so that was pretty frustrating. I was NOT looking forward to dealing with that this time.

So, I go into the Verizon store and I notice they have changed things to be more like an Apple store. Tables with plugs in the middle and everyone sitting around like they are buddies at a scheduled lunch.

I lucked out and got the guy that knew absolutely nothing about cell phones at all as my salesperson....typical for how my luck works. My daughter wants me to go with an Iphone, but I've had androids forever and don't really want to switch. The guy can't tell me anything....between the Iphone and Galaxy10 which has a better camera, what battery life is better, what are the new major features on these new phones.....nothing but a nervous giant grin and "both are great." (ugh)

I tell him....just give me the Galaxy. He starts telling me about the free Ipad deal for $400.....I am at a loss.....how am I going to explain that a $400 thing is not free? I just tell him I am not interested in anything but the phone and I do NOT want an Ipad. He leaves to the back room and I do not see him for over 10 minutes. My daughter actually walked over to the Starbucks and got us two coffees and we talked to another lady for a bit while we waited.

He comes back with three pieces of paper....no phone. The papers lay out the various offers......just buying the phone and it adding $42 to my bill for 24 months for the phone......buying the phone and getting the (free) $400 Ipad.....and paying $10000 for the phone up front. I tell him I'm seriously just there for a phone and since its not going to save me any money to pay up front they can just add the phone to my bill. He leaves again and gets the phone. By this time my daughter has found the wireless Bose headphones and is telling me how I neeeeeeeeeed them. (She thinks I'm going to lose interest in them if I get them.) So, I tell him to get me a pair and I tell my daughter she is NOT getting them.

I've had the phone for a week. The way they do the transfer now is through Google mostly. You log into your google account and all your contacts come over. Then, you have to download an app that is a Verizon data transfer app to get your photos, videos, and such. So, I did that. Now I have all of my "stuff" on the new phone, but I have NOT figured out how to get it set up like I like it. My email is showing me EVERYTHING.....spam, junk, and not filtering it like it did on my old phone.

I've used the headphones once. Who knows, I may end up giving them to my daughter. For now I think I will hold onto them.
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    Oh.......and.......the charge cable is different from everything I've got here......again.
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    Induction charging is the easiest, no cables to mess with. Just try to buy a phone from them out right, with cash or card. It seems it cannot be done that way. I bought a refurbished Smasung 6 curve from the big river people and had Verizon hook it up. I hate to think one day I will have to 'upgrade' to something I like significantly less. You have my sympathy :(
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    I hate cell phones.

    I mean I really hate them.

    They are a bane on society and made weak people even weaker. They have created the age of the selfie narcissist.

    I have one but you can ask Ricci I don't carry it with very often ;)

    I know how you feel LF, I went to a Apple store with my wife. What a chit show, I felt like I was on another planet populated with a bunch of weirdo's getting commands from their phones. I spent 2 hrs there because my wifes phone was wrecked by the battery melting so they had to get her another phone and transfer all the crap to it.

    Plus this was in the mall and I hate the mall. I finally left and went to my Truck and listened to the radio to get away from all the fricken weirdo's in that place.

    I felt like the last human in invasion of the body snatchers and at any moment everyone was going to start hissing at me because I didn't
    have my phone in my face receiving instruction from galaxy Omega9 :o

    The charge cable are never the same its a plot..............and they are winning.

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    Had a similar experience with the wife last week with the wife. She wanted to upgrade here iphone from a 6 to a 10 iphone.

    The trip to the mall since her girl friend declined. Sucked for me. I hate the mall scene, had things to do. So one hour each way to the apple store and yes what a geeky scene at the apple store.

    So I left for coffee and came back an hour later and now the wife is working on the upgrade with a 2nd geek. Getting her moneys worth (if thats possible with any apple product) Being a Samsung android man myself not getting it....

    Happy wife happy life. We had lunch and Brio which was good! On our way home.

    What a drama.
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    Try TracFone. Twenty Dollars for 90 days with 60 minutes, 60 texts & 60 mb of data & phones for as little as $10. For most people that wouldn't last a week but I have built up a couple thousand minutes & texts (somehow the data disappears into thin air). It has been handy when I have occasionally needed it especially since there aren't any pay phones anymore. Just last week I had to call the cable company when the TV, internet & phone all went out. For less than $7/mo I think it's worth it. I have used the camera quite a bit.
    Just checked, I have 56.77 mb of data, 4131 texts & 3818 minutes built up. I have finally stopped the drain of data. I did for a long time have triple minutes & I got some free deals. The phone I have now doesn't have that but with what I have built up I don't need it.
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    I feel for ya Kasey.
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    I?m ?stuck? with iPhone and iPad. My hearing aids only pair with iOS devices. I really don?t like apple as every iPhone and iPad I?ve had, eventually the lightning cable starts not being recognized. Think that they program something in there for that to happen!!!

    I went round n round with the local AT&T store and Best Buy. They wanted to sell me a phone on monthly payments and add another one. Frustrated, I said screw it and bought direct from apple. They arrived the next day! A short trip to the local AT&T store and they were set up.

    I bought the iPhone with the injection charging and love it. Bought 2 charging stands on amazon. All I do is set the phone in the stand at night and forget about it. Love that charging method!
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    BIL has the same experience as his wife wanted a new phone (Verizon) so went in and got the latest I phone. He said they were there for 4 hours to get the phone and they transferred all the info from the old phone to the new phone. Same deal with the free I pad & phone was $1,000. Didn't matter if paid cash up front or but on bill and paid off in a year...same cost.
    BIL kept her old phone as was newer than the one he has.
    Anyway, by the next afternoon, the wife was so frustrated with the new I phone as she had missed several calls, some text messages, etc. that she didn't want it.
    Back to Verizon they went and spent another 3.5 hours while that transferred the data back and walked away.

    Me, I really have no use for a cell phone but do have an 8 + year old Alcatel flip phone that cost me $20 new and buy a years service for about $99. I only have it in case of an emergency to make a call. A few family members have the number so seldom get an incoming call. Works fine for me and ain't spending a grand for a phone or $100 for monthly service....which is a real scam.
    8-) 8-)
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    i have never been fond of phones of any type, hate sittng on the phone when i could be doing something else.
    then work provided me with a cell phone, and everyone was saying how lucky i was to have a phone for free !?
    pointed out to them,
    1- i dont use it for any personal calls, it is a work phone paid for by them. if wife/kids called it they would just have to wait for me to get to a land line for call back.
    2- it is nothing but a longer leash for the boss to yank, no matter where i am, what i am currently doing they can call and immediately add to the list

    fast forward and wife talks me into trac phones
    not bad for the money since i dont use it much, but the wife gets hooked... :lol:

    of course the kids both live on theirs, so a couple years ago, son decides wife and i "need' NEWER/FANCIER PHONES.
    turns out he uses up so much data, that he had to go to a different plan and could add up to 3 more lines at no extra cost.
    so mom gets a new i-phone, and i inherit his cause he "has" to get the new model. (but he got me a new lap top for Christmas to make up for the cost of the phone he got mom :o )

    i have to have to have a phone for work being on emergency call, and other than that dont use it much except wife calls.
    and i HATE TEXT !! why spend 10 minutes click click clicking when you can have it all over in seconds by voice ??
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