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You guys in S E Ohio, Are Athens and Meigs Counties still big pot growing areas like they were in the eighties and nineties?? Just curious. I lived in the area back in the eighties and was amazed at how the Athens economy boomed every fall, on a strictly cash basis, right after the pot harvest! :D


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    I live in Meigs County. The weed growing was big business until the cops in the sky got real good at spotting the grow operations from helicopters. I chatted with the guys doing the spotting at the airport and he said his eye was as accurate as the FLIR system in spotting it growing. They fly French helicopters sucking about 40 gallons of fuel an hour, they fly lots of hours.

    Most grows are now done indoors with stolen power to feed the lights.

    I don't smoke weed so I really don't have a dog in this fight, I don't care what folks do with a weed. I understand my land was used a lot for weed growing before I purchased it in 2001. Meth cooking has taken the hilltrash by storm and opiate addiction is rampant in these parts now.

    Sad, really sad.
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    we are just across the river in west virginia, we find cages and potting soil bags every year while deer hunting, and as bruce said the last few years the meth heads have gotten real bad, they run the back roads find a quite spot and will build a fire right in the middle of the road and cook their meth, then just toss the trash over in the ditch, I never go out to the country any more without my pistol, I don't know what they might do if you came up on them in the middle of nowhere cooking there crap......... this is one reason I won't let the grandkids/daughter take the side by side out riding by themselves to many crazies in the world anymore
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    It?s a shame that the meth cookers are starting to take over. I?m ok with pot growers as to me, pot ain?t near as bad as cigarettes and booze. But that meth is a killer.
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