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to put a few miles on the old body this weekend. My mom has two sisters left one 93 and one 82. the 93 year old just fell and broke her hip last month and is in a rehab center for the next 6 months at least. the 82 year old is due for heart valve replacement next week. the wife and I decided to go get my 82 year old aunt who lives near altoona Pa. and take her to see my other aunt the 93 year old who is near wythville Va. so today is the first half drive to altoona and get aunt return home. tommorrow morning drive to princeton wva get sister and go on down to wythville to visit my aunt. return sunday evening and if everyone is up to it maybe go halfway back to pa, sons house in fairmont Wva or just stay here and then take her back monday. I know it isn't the miles you truck drivers do daily but I hate to drive anymore and more than a few hours and my leg and arm go numb, it just seems to wear me out as much as physical labor. we are looking at only 4 hours up and 4 back then maybe 4 hours down and 4 back, but that is still 10 + with coffee and pee breaks if not longer. only thing is my aunt has done nearly everything in her day and she never runs out of stories. just hope she is up to the drive/ride, on the phone she sounds like a little kid excited as can be I don't think they have seen each other for at least 10-15 years. also think it will perk up my other aunt who broke her hip, she sounds pretty down on the phone, but excited about the visit also.


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    You are doing a good thing Sir.

    Hat is off to you.

    My Mom will be 90 in a couple months.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    I have a three aunts in sort of the same situation. They are basically the last of their generation. I get tapped quite frequently for shopping, dr appointments, etc.

    One aunt has no family and lives by herself. The loneliness is killing her. I spend as much time as I can with her. She wants to go into a home so we are trying to get her in a place near one of sisters. 84, post stroke, and she has stopped taking her meds.

    "Family" as you and I know it is about to pass, literarily .
    I'm sure the ladies appreciate you.

    Wave as you go by.
    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    Good for you, sir. I guess you?ll be coming down the West Virginia turnpike? You know, the road they built and put the smooth side down?
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    jimdeere wrote:
    Good for you, sir. I guess you?ll be coming down the West Virginia turnpike? You know, the road they built and put the smooth side down?

    and still get away with charging you to drive on it..... got aunt number one back and getting ready for second half of trip, had a few cousins stop by last night to visit most had not seen my aunt 10 years plus, she seemed to have a good time and held up well to trip, she was ready and busting to go, she is acting 20 years younger, also found out a few thing about my mom and other aunts I never knew, few family secrets never knew ;) ....

    she also said my gramp born 1899, had 3 uncles who fought in civil war 2 confederates one union, said they had to quit getting together because they quit talking to each other after the war, union uncle got pension the other two didn't and there were hard feeling over the pension issue, the fact they fought on seperate sides didn't matter it came down to the pension issue....... guess money was a big factor even back then
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