Dose anyone know a way to repair a broken piece

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of 1/8" glass? Glue? It's 6" in diameter with a 3/4" hole in the center. Piece broke off and glass people in the area say they are unable to duplicate it?! Thanks


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    I doubt it can be repaired, but easy enough to cut a new piece. Is it tempered or need to be super strong etc. I see you say a piece broke off, so not tempered.

    I have glass hole saws and glass cutters and that seems to be a very easy piece to duplicate.

    If it is real thick, get a diamond blade for your tile saw and cut it. The hole saws work well in a regular drill and a hose to flood and cool the core bit.

    If only broke in 2, and you need a down and dirty fix, just silicon pieces of glass over the crack. I did that to a fishtank and it worked just fine. Make sure there is enough overlap.

    I reread and see it is round, that is still easy enough to do. The center would still need to be drilled with diamond core bit.

    The outside radius may be able to be scored and broke, with practice. Otherwise, diamond blade on the tile saw, us the center hole to pivot through the cutting. Easy as Pie.
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    well the windshield repair guys can patch some problems crystal clear ??????
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