Scored a sharpening stone

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I won a Norton multi-stone on a auction site. Looks new and a bargain at less than 40 dollars. Don




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    I think a lot of them go unused just a guess maybe as a gift or seemed like a good idea to get one then put away to never be used

    by they way any garden stories or photos ?
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    It's new because they didn't know they needed to use oil :lol:.
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    The very best way to sharpen a knife the right way. That was a bargain.
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    Very nice. I got a triple stone myself. Use it exclusively. Have bought many of those magic electric knife sharpeners,not one worth a nickel.
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    Great deal!

    Looks like there will be some sharp blades in the house.
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    I have a full set of Arkansas sharpening stones that are slightly used.

    Once I got an electric Ken Onion belt knife sharpener that does a suburb job much faster, I haven't used them.

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