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    sanctuary city ( areas ) as long as they are protecting illegal and criminals get a free pass by the liberals and democrats even more funding if they can slither it in to help them
    now any city or area declaring the true rights of Americans related to firearms or the 2nd declaring a safe space and blocking out state and federal laws well they will be void and null and will be declared a threat to society

    hopefully one day the gun owners will get off there * join in one group , not pick and choose what gun is OK or you do not really care if they ban it start real protest and demand our rights be restored , then maybe a big maybe
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    That's like 50 people in that gas and sip town/village/almost ghost town. I suppose it'll be one town at a time kind a "revolution".
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    There are other towns near the borders of Arizona, Nevada & Oregon that are considering similar actions. They should also do it for the gas stations.
    The price of gas is at least two Dollars higher in Needles than just across the river. Needles IS NOT a place to get gas. I have to wonder how many people buy gas in Lake Tahoe, Kalifornia instead of Lake Tahoe, Nevada?
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    Snoopy?s brother Spike.

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