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for the fourth of july (annual fireworks holiday) wichita news this morn had a list of all the rules one had to abide by like NO NOTHING that can go more than 6FT of of the ground, tiny sizzlers that wont even light up trash, smoke bombs to choke the cat...and other regulations that limit this stuff to a PHHHHTTT........what ever happened to giant roman candles, barrel bombs, etc...the stuff that one could excavate a trench with or blow a train car off the siding....REAL MERICAN STUFF.......HAPPY HOLIDAY (PC label) friends


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    that is todays PC world, I think it is Ohio law, that you can buy fireworks from the hundreds/thousands of tent vendors set up in parking lots all over the state, but you have to take them out of state to light them off. it is still illegal to set em off in ohio......
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    dusk off the m-1 and stock up on tannerite
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    When I was growing up fireworks were illegal in Michigan. So in 1967 when mom wanted to take a trip to the worlds fair in Canada I saw an opportunity. Dad couldn't take time off from his auto parts store so mom and I took the bus. The fair was pretty good and I found fireworks close by. So at the age of 12 I became a smuggler for the one and only time. That summer I was pretty popular with my Black Cats, bottle rockets and a few bigger boomers. Probably the best paper route money ever spent. Found out you can get singed when having a Roman candle duel. :lol: Bob
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    I do enjoy watching the big area shows, particularly on/over the water. However, I just never have understood or gotten into individual/personal/family fireworks. I see it as money going up in smoke. Which, is really ironic since I love to shoot which is basically the same thing.

    Spasmcreek, it sounds like you are somewhat in the area. If they still have it, and especially if you've never been. Check out the fireworks display at Sailboat Bridge / Shangri-La area. If you have a boat (or access to borrow one) it is incredible to watch over water. I have many, many great memories of doing that back in the late 80's through mid-90's. TMI I know, but some of the best love was made amidst the lights and noise...
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    you scared my dog
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