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I just read that she had stage 2 throat cancer and she died. It makes me wonder why someone like me who had stage 4 cancer and lives. It makes no sense to me. His will will be done.

My cancer spread to the lymphnodes in my neck and i had 1 that was really close to falling in my lungs. They cut me from ear to ear removing lymphnodes from my neck.

I do not know if she smoked or not but i think she used to. However i have smoked 1 cigarette in my life when i was 5 or 6. My mom said i turned blue/green and decided then smoking was not fun. LOL

I was never into smoking pot either because i was always into sports and if i had extra money it went to dating or hunting so pot was not on my list of things to buy.

The first 4 to 7 visits to my chemo doctor he kept asking me if i had stopped smoking or drinking yet. I finally spoke harshly to him and told him i have never $%&**( smoked and i dont ^^&**((( drink.

He remembered me after that and we started becoming really good friends. He told me over 99% of the cancer Beth and i had comes from smoking and drinking.

I asked him what mine might come from and he told me he had no idea. Everything in the books say smoking and drinking.

If she was put in a coma she was in pain. After surgery they put me in a coma for a while. When i woke up i still hurt like hell so i can not imagine how bad i could have hurt.

Prayers to her family and all the others who have lost/ or won this battle with cancer.

With serious cancer you never win. You just come out the other side because you will never be the same as you were. Cancer is going to take pieces of you the problem is you do not know how big the pieces are going to be.

My Mom has lung cancer now.

Prayers asked for all who have dealt with this terrible disease.


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    Cancer is rare in my family tree.
    Thank GOD for that.
    While many {me included} have vein/arteries/heart troubles almost nobody ever had cancer. This was in the era of dad and uncles smoking 2 or more packs a day.

    I have seen my friends and friends of my family go thru cancer treatments.
    It is horrible even when it's works.
    I watched a child hood friend, NON-smoker, NON drinker, NO drug use, spend his last birthday at age 28 in a hospital ward.

    My prayers go out to all that suffer with this insidious disease.
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    Thoughts to the members here and to Beth, a young lady now passed through the window.
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    Almost everyone in my family has died from cancer. The youngest being Amy at 8.
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