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of things I can't do anymore. was out front pressure washing the garage door decided I didn't feel to bad so thought I would try and do the side of the house. got two stepladders, and one of the ramps for loading the 4 wheeler to make a sort of scaffold, the garage door is mostly in the shade soon as I got up on the ladders I was in the sun, didn't make it more than 10 minutes or so got hot, and a little dizzy fell off darn ladder, sort of caught myself on ladder but tripped over the pressure washer onto the driveway. I made it back up but lower back and right leg were hurting pretty bad and was still little dizzy I think from the heat. Neighbor lady saw and her and her daughter came over and helped me put stuff away into the garage during which my right leg pretty much quit working, lost strength in it.

it is still hurting now about half hour or so since happened not sure if the pain is in the leg or from a small burn where I hit the muffler on the pressure washer. got a beer down, and sat in cold shower to cool off from heat and the mess from the washer blowing around. got a feeling I am gonna feel this for a few days ;) you old guys will agree with me as we don't seem to bounce as high as we used to, and I know I am gonna hear it from the wife when she gets home


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    i feel your pain. there are many times my brain says i can still do something but then the body takes over and shows my why i cant. i am getting better at understanding the process tho.
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    I blew out my back in 94 and had my first surgery in 95; 2 days before my 24th birthday. I thought it would be rehab, strength train for a few months then be right back to normal. That wasn't the case and because my mind told me I was young still and should be able to do whatever, I ended up having surgery again ~ 5 years later. Now, I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, schmorl's node, and have the antibodies for RA (though don't seem to have the normally associated issues - yet). Due to all of this, and the associated pain, I have been on narcotics for over half my life. Now, they are reducing them thanks to some @$$hats abusing it. About all I can do anymore is go to work, go home, and do very minor maintenance around the house. Everyone keeps telling me to get on disability but I'd probably be too bored. And, it is actually a fine line for me. Too little activity also causes a flare-up as well. One flareup that happened for no real reason, left me unable to work for a couple years and had to have the ambulance come and get me a few times. It oddly went back to 'normal' for no apparent reason, just as it had started. Normal for me realistically probably a 6 on the pain scale.
    My sister was a nurse for 20 years and we were talking about my meds one time and she was like, my god, that's 3x what they give women in labor... She hurt her back a year or so ago now and one visit she apologized out of the blue. She said she had no idea what it was like. She said she thought before, what a wuss, get a heatpad, take an Advil and get busy. Now, she understands and now can't hardly believe I have still managed to have somewhat of a productive life in spite of it.
    I will say that through those couple of really bad times, if I hadn't had such a great wife, I would have put an end to it. I don't know what I did in my past life to deserve all this. ;)
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    I'm going to share something I learned as a teenager. "NEVER JURY RIG A SCAFFOLD".

    Hope you feel better soon.
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