Buying fireworks for the 4th of July celebration

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Actually, I haven't bought any fireworks to shoot off for almost longer than I can remember.

I don't mind watching other 'blow up their money with China junk' but I don't.

The 'fun' of shooting off fireworks ended decades ago. Yes, it's legal in this states although not in all states ..."IS that FREEDOM?" :roll:

How much do you spend on fireworks every year?
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    As a kid, our family would have to travel to Canada to buy fireworks. The ones that actually were explosive. We were raised to be smugglers, and taught that as long as you had common sense not to blow yourself up, fun was had by all! The very same type of upbringing around firearms.

    When my kids were young at home, we would get a few bang bangs along with legal sparklers to celebrate the 4th. Now that they are doing the same for their kids, not for me and my Mrs. anymore.

    The laws changed around here a few years ago and now folks can buy quite a few pretty cool fireworks. There are tents set up all over the place and they mostly seem to be pretty busy. I wandered through one a while ago and found that if I wanted to put on any kind of a decent display, it would set me back several hundred dollars!
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    I got some. It is about the only thing I will knowingly buy that is made in china.

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    when our kids and nieces ,nephews were younger ( 25 years or so ago ) we would stop while visiting relatives in Georgia ( usually in KY ) even back then two or three hundred dollars wasted ( we took up a collection from the families ) was crazy but it was only once a year . we would get together at my in laws and fire them off even did some at our house which is on a ST RT ,and the LEO patrol often
    ( one of the last times I got careless was firing off the "mortar " type had one in my hand and one lighting going into in the tube the sparks lit the one in my hand the 1st stage of it went off burned my hand and my leg ( I was wearing shorts ) it was bad, any normal person would have
    sought out medical assistance , no way was I going to admit stupidity and its illegal in our state any way
    so I did the best I could for a week or so ( on vacation ) to keep down the pain and keep it all clean .)
    with that aside all the other times went off safely and the kids well us also enjoyed it but as kids got older fireworks got less powerful and more expensive we stopped . now we waste all that money in ammo and have a back yard shoot :D
    oh we still have neighbors that do it including one group about a mile + away they go all out as in $$$$$ and we just watch theirs ;)
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    Spent $50 yesterday on fireworks. Fireworks were illegal in Illinois - I'm making up for lost time - reliving my youth.

    Have a buddy that will blow $500 to $1000.
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    Evil like, I take great pleasure (although I have not in about 5 years.) Buying those XL shrieking bottle rockets, that explode with a "Boom." In order to shoot above my neighbors, that have incessantly barking dogs.

    There are perfect times, to do just that. (Like 3 AM.)

    What??? :o :roll: :D

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Use to spend around $ 500.00 when we lived on the lake and it was illegal to shoot of mortars.

    Would buy 5 or 6 of the 9 round 2.5" to 3" mortars and put on a little show for the neighbors.

    Did not do it until the county decided to put up large signs leading to the lake that there was a $ 510.00 fine for shooting mortars.

    Decided to not celebrate Independence Day by bowing to government.

    Now a lot of people are going to the local reservation and buying them. It took a couple of years, but a little civil disobedience is contagious.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

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    A little public safety announcement...334254_e65e1618609adfd60f6ed5cd6eb43ca6.jpeg
    ”People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
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    Have not bought any in over 35 years. They start practicing here around the first of June. Gunfire is mostly New Years, I have two holes in my carport cover, one is .45, the other probably 9mm. Fireworks are shot all over town, and though it is illegal, nothing is done. Cats don't like it and I don't much either.
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    Went to Missouri to buy fireworks and will shoot them off in illegally in Illinois at my "deer camp" way out of the way from anybody. Hopefully keep the mosquitos away with all the rain we have had.
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    A little public safety announcement...F8738A87-31C1-4738-888D-B6094B7A9B7F.jpeg
    That's going on facebook!
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    He Dog wrote:
    Have not bought any in over 35 years. They start practicing here around the first of June. Gunfire is mostly New Years, I have two holes in my carport cover, one is .45, the other probably 9mm. Fireworks are shot all over town, and though it is illegal, nothing is done. Cats don't like it and I don't much either.

    My cats got used to me shooting off the back porch. Now they just sleep right through it.
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    Grew up in the family business- grading, excavating and blasting. My Dad used to explain that Independence Day was amateur night. :lol:

    But the local Rescue Squad does a nifty July 4th program- $10, country band, Lady's Auxiliary selling hot dogs, kids climbing on fire trucks and having a great time- and fireworks at dusk. Meet your neighbors, enjoy an evening of life in the country. Bring your lawn chairs.
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    dont waste money on our biggest day of the year for china (BIG profit day)...but do think of how lucky i am to be here and NOT many other countries..and how sad it is that many are seeking political office in their drive to tear AMERICA down....
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