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GROVELS as the worlds great APOLOGIST....soon will be announcing reparations to be paid to homos for not instantly recognizing them publicly as society's perfect.....will apologize to germany for interrupting their world expansion--twice......will apologize to the moon for stepping on its face....will apologize to the rivers for damming their natural flow.....will apologize to the world recipients of our millions of tons of free food aid for interrupting their natural progression of starvation and population control......etc, etc,etc...ad nauseum, ad infinitium......thank u cbs (cant broadcast s--t) for this morning wakeup news garbage


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    Well said.

    Now add, "We will apologize for apologizing then send out reprations to everyone."

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    All us BAD taxpaying Americans will makeup for our grievous behavior by PAYING MEDICAL CARE FOR ILLEGALS.

    Won't totally fix us but will signal our intentions to change our selfish ways.

    Want to really help? Join the Democratic Party.

    Mainstream Democrats? New Litmus Tests:
    ?Tax Middle Class
    ?Confiscate Guns
    ?Free Entry, Free Insurance for Illegals
    ?Abolish Private Health Care

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    You forgot about student debt forgiveness droptop! :o

    In the back of my mind, I keep believing that our politicians have been taken over by invading body snatchers.

    Either that or they are putting all this crap out in the public eye while behind the scenes are loading up their boats with all of the treasures of America and planning to sneak away to some deserted island.
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    We are done in another 30 years.

    I read an article in a financial article that if we continue 1 trillion dollar deficits by 2049 we will have a big financial crisis the likes of like Greece had.
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    "Done in 30 years". That may be true. If it is true I predict the rest of the world, and I mean the whole damn world, will be done as well.
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